Simon Says Booking April Newsletter

Happy Spring! Thank you so much for working with us and all of the hard working bands around the US. It is because of a team of people from waitstaff to buyers, publicists, musicians, road crew, agents, media, and the fans – everyone coming together to create great events from coast to coast. We highly value working with you.

We are proud to announce the signing of The Insiders: Tom Petty Tribute Band. Hailing from Michigan, the band is already selling out rooms in the Great Lake State, and we’re now putting them into surrounding states. This band is incredible, and meets our requirement of being an incredible band first, and an amazing tribute second. Please contact to discuss upcoming routing.

The Insiders

So many bands are out and about and ready to talk to you about routing.

The mighty Max Creek are in the midst of their 48th anniversary run, are celebrating their first new album in decades, and are reviving Camp Creek this summer. The Creek couldn’t be finer, and a bevy of interviews and news stories around the country is stoking interest in America’s favorite band of jam.

Start Making Sense are pretty much done with the first half or more of 2019, and are finishing up Fall booking now.

Ruby Dear, containing members of Start Making Sense focused on an originals project are amazing and are ready to book more shows. Mid week plays are already available, and this summer affords a couple of weekend opportunities, too.

Englishtown Project The Englishtown Project is gaining momentum in major northeast markets and are signing festivals as we speak. Members of New Riders of the Purple Sage, the Zen Tricksters, Hot Tuna, Assembly of Dust and others all come together in an amazing tribute to the Marshall Tucker Band, New Riders, and the Dead.

The Alchemystics are retooled and raring to go. This staple band of the northeastern festival scene combines elements of reggae, rock, soul, and hip hop. They have endured tragedy as well as an ever evolving lineup to persevere as a fan favorite in clubs, concert series, and festivals.

Erin Harpe has just returned from another successful run across the pond. In addition to signing festivals, concert series, and club dates from coast to coast, they have more recently released a new trio lineup that focuses on the acoustic and country blues side of her music, called Erin Harpe and The Messers. Contact to book a date.

The Skatalites are honored to join the lineup of the Warped Tour anniversary show in Atlantic City, NJ at the end of June. A new album is in the process, and we are booking shows in June in the Midwest, end of August, early SEP in the Northeast, down to TN and back, and in November on the West Coast.

Duppy Conquerors are New England’s best Bob Marley tribute, and we are honored to continue our work with them. They are perfect for concert series, festivals, private events, and club shows.

Thunder and Rain are just returning from a month long tour of the UK, and they are in every part of the US in the coming year. We are routing dates from CO to ID, AZ, NM, MN, IL, IN, OH, and more. Their infectious blend of bluegrass and country, as lead by the sensational Erinn Peet-Lukes, is a crowd pleaser for sure.

Thunder & Rain

Swift Technique have new material in the works, are signing festivals all over the East, and are Philadelphia’s favorite funk, soul, rock, and jam band.

Black Masala are awaiting a new addition to their lineup, a baby due this summer. Meanwhile, they are booked on festivals, concert series, and events, and are ready to book more dates this Spring and Fall.

Fareed Haque continues to tour the globe as the lead guitar player in Billy Cobham’s ensemble. Meanwhile, we are booking him from coast to coast in a variety of configurations from his Indian dance band Flat Earth, to guest performances in classical and symphonic settings, his touring jazz units, his duo with Goran Ivanovic doing Balkan classical and jazz, and more. There may be better guitar players in world music, we’ve just never heard any.

Kwame Binea Shakedown is an amazing band out of the NY / NJ area performing regularly at ski areas, concert series, and club dates. Seeking
routing in the Midwest, northeast, and more.

DeadPhish Orchestra are booked through the summer and are pleased to be on some amazing events. We’ll begin booking Fall soon, get in touch.

Valley Advocate Sessionsrice – an American Band are celebrating the release of their first performance video, caught live at the Valley Advocate Sessions at the end of March. Already signed to numerous regional festivals in the northeast, the band is ready to book more shows this summer and fall.