The Simon Says Team

Phil Simon ~ Owner, Agent

Born in Philadelphia, raised in New England, with time spent at the University of Massachusetts and a graduate of the University of Oregon with a BS in Business Management and a minor in marketing, plus a lifetime's devotion to live music all lead to the formation of Simon Says Booking. From childhood music lessons on piano and trumpet and eventually guitar, to taking the stage at open mic nights and forming garage bands, to attending literally thousands of shows, to booking bands, venues and events- Phil Simon has pursued a passion for live music his entire life.



Sue Paquet ~ Agent

I began this job in 2011 as an intern, and worked my way up to agent. I’ve worked a plethora of jobs in my life that I feel have prepared me for booking at Simon Says. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Visual Arts with a focus in Fine Art Photography. I've traveled to 46 states of the continental United States, which I found to be quite beneficial when booking tours for bands. I spend my time at SSB booking national tours for clients, regional weekend runs for many local and regional bands we freelance with, and filling dates for our entire roster of bands as needed.

- Sue is renovating her small farmhouse where she hosts international travelers and bands. Also a photographer, Sue participates in art exhibits when she’s not attending and photographing live shows.


Steve Benson ~ Agent

Dawn Davis ~ Office Manager, Graphic Designer

I’ve been working at Simon Says Booking for over 10 years! I am truly blessed to have a job where I can do things I enjoy all while listening to music and working with great people!

As Office Manager/Girl Friday, I keep everything organized, among other things. I keep track of all the shows; design and send out weekly marketing e-mails, company and client newsletters, and press releases. I design the webpages, posters, and postcards; coordinate invoicing and bookkeeping – anything and everything! With an Associate’s Degree in Computer Graphic Design, I love using my talents to build the Simon Says web presence. I rock at Photoshop, and I’m known for my graphic design skills. When I came to Simon Says Booking, I initiated making EPK’s for each Simon Says band, sending newsletters, and generally building the agency’s online presence.

– Dawn likes researching, crafting, making and editing videos, and attending live shows. However, while she can be a little quiet, she has been known to loosen up at a show and get dancing!