Venue and Festival Programming

Our Venue Department

Simon Says Booking is proud to be spearheading the programming at some of the finest venues and music festivals in the USA!

Starting in the summer of 2012, Simon Says Booking launched a Venue and Festival Programming Department with programming at the historic Stone Church in Newmarket, New Hampshire. Having hosted acts like Phish, Bonnie Raitt, and Aerosmith, The Church’s legend is known as an unforgettable place to both play and hear live music. With an Outdoor Beer Garden that was added over the summer, it continues to rock as one of New England’s most unique Brew-Pubs.

Email if you are a venue or festival that wishes to discuss having Simon Says Booking take care of one, ten, or all the dates/slots you need booked!


Simon Says Booking Testimonial

“It’s not just the pleasant voice on the other end of the line, the immediacy with which all emails are answered, and the relaxed yet professional demeanor of the folks at Simon Says Booking that sets them apart in the business of booking music. In fact, those traits are just frosting on the cake!

What has impressed me most about working with the folks at Simon Says Booking, and what sets them apart from other booking agencies I have worked with, is that they have a true respect and intimate understanding of the personality of our unique venue. When it comes to bringing in new talent, they reach but don’t overreach, they configure our calendar to suit our vision, and they make decisions with our future growth first and foremost in mind. They also provide an unprecedented amount of promotion for us, including taking the time to craft daily social media blasts- the sorts of significant activities we’re usually too busy pouring draft beers and flipping burgers to think about.”

Abby Sapochetti, General Manager/Functions Coordinator
The Stone Church Music Club
OCT 2014

Current and Past Venue Programming Clients

The Shea Theater, Turners Falls, MA
The Stone Church, Newmarket, NH
The Root Cellar, Greenfield, MA
Cicero’s, St Louis, MO
Tammany Hall, Worcester, MA
Sully’s, Hartford, CT
Mighty High Mountain Fest, Tuxedo, NY
Roshambo’s, Bend, Oregon
Oregon Kids Festival, Oregon
Muddy River Smokehouse, Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Current and Past Programming Clients