Booking Services

Why book with Simon Says Booking?

Simon Says Booking is a full-service booking agency representing the finest talent. We work closely with artists and their management to realized short and long term goals in live performance. Acting as the artist’s strategic career growth partner, working together to transition to the next level, consistently fill rooms and calendars through our efficient and effective booking services. Our personalized service model is based on a mutual dedication to the client’s vision. Our wide reach and vast network of personal contacts, in tandem with proven systems, combine to create a solid and dynamic platform for robust sales and artists’ career development. At Simon Says, we offer targeted guidance and strategic vision based on 20+ years of music industry experience and an adherence to the Simon Says values of honesty, integrity, family, personalized service and love of music.

At Simon Says, we pride ourselves in being intimately connected to our artists’ daily activities, identifying with their struggles, and sharing in their vision, all which enables us to develop a specific and personalized plan for their development and success.

Consistently booking thousands of gigs a year all over the country, we have a proven track record for developing bands and helping to bring them to the next level, while never compromising the artist’s or the agency’s vision. Our biggest accomplishment? We have created a Simon Says family that pushes beyond the traditional agent-client relationship, forging even more meaningful bonds, which ultimately contribute to the bottom-line of success for all involved.

Current and Past Clients

Adam Ezra Group
The Alchemystics
Appalachian Still
Ashley Jordan
August First
Band from Mars
Band is Bond
Beast Mode
Beau Sasser’s Escape Plan
Bella’s Bartok
Bernie Worrell Orchestra
Best Not Broken
Big Mean Sound Machine
Big Takeover
Black & Sparrow
Black Masala
Blue Moon Revue
Box of Rain
Brett Wilson
Bruce Marshall
Broken Arrow
Bunch of Strangers
Chicago Afrobeat Project
Complete Unknowns
Daemon Chili
Dave Gutter
Dave Keller
David Nelson Band
DeadPhish Orchestra
Duppy Conquerors
Ellis Ashbrook
Endangered Speeches
Englishtown Project
Eric Lambert
Erin Harpe and the Delta Swingers
The Equalites
Evan Goodrow
Fareed Haque
Flash Mountain Flood
Flux Capacitor
Frank Viele
Golden Gate Wingmen
Gretchen and the Pickpockets
Hamburger Midnight
Harsh Armadillo
Henhouse Prowlers
Hot Day at the Zoo
Houston Bernard
Hunter Paye
Hymn For Her
The Insiders
Insidious Rays
Jake Hertzog
Jay’s Happy Sunshine Burger Joint
Jiggle the Handle
Jocelyn & Chris Arndt
John Kadlecik
Johnny Chimes
Jon Cumming
Klyph Black
Kwame Binea Shakedown
Last Waltz Live
Lawn Boys
Levi Riggs
Long Arm Rex
Los Elk
Lunar Carnival
Max Creek
Medicinal Purpose
Midnight Spaghetti
Moses Guest
Muddy Ruckus
My Silent Bravery
Nate Martel
Oak & Elm
Paranoid Social Club
The Peacheaters
Phat Phunktion
Pink Talking Fish
The Quins
Rainbow Full of Sound
Rebel Alliance
Rebels of the Sacred Heart
Rhythm Inc
rice: an American Band
Rippin’ E Brakes
Roots of Creation
Royal Hammer
Ruby Dear
Sailin’ Shoes
Sarah Blacker
Screaming Beagles
The Skatalites
The Skatalites
Start Making Sense
Steal Your Peach
Steve Wheeler
Sun Parade
Swift Technique
Taj Weekes & Adowa
Tap Roots
10,000 Maniacs
Third World
This Way to the Egress
Thunder and Rain
Tony Allen
Town Meeting
Tuff Riddim International
Way Up South
Waynard Scheller
Whiskeyhickon Boys
Whitewater Ramble