Simon Says Booking May Newsletter

Welcome to Spring, everyone! We hope you are training and getting ready for festival season!! Simon Says Bands are all over the map, and we are so happy to be working with all of you.

We are thankful to be working with great new musicians and bands all the time. In recent months, we have signed The Insiders: Tom Petty Tribute Band, Fareed Haque, Deadphish Orchestra, Thunder and Rain, and more. We are also working with some new bands over the last few weeks including The Big Takeover out of upstate New York, and we’re very pleased to start working again with Hugh DeNeal. Some will remember him from his years as the front man
for Woodbox Gang, and his new band just launched: The People vs Hugh DeNeal. We’re going to work with him to bring his music to Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and beyond.
The Big Takeover is an amazing band out of the Hudson Valley who mix elements of ska, reggae, Motown, and soul in a way that has never been done before. We are seeking out options for July in the northeast, and August we are seeking options from the Midwest to Colorado and back. From there, the Fall will be a return to the Northeast.

We have found great success recently with combination tribute bands. The Englishtown Project contains members of historic bands like Hot Tuna, the Zen Tricksters, Assembly of Dust, Max Creek, New Riders of the Purple Sage, and more. The show pays tribute to the famous 1977 show in Elizabethtown, NJ, and is a triple tribute to the Marshall Tucker Band, New Riders of the Purple Sage, and the Dead. We are seeking summer avails including AUG 2 or 3 for Jerry Birthday celebrations (seeking mid Atlantic to NYC areas for those dates). We are already planning Fall, too, and the band is drawing well.

DPOAnother combo tribute band that we are having a great time booking is Deadphish Orchestra out of Denver/Boulder, Colorado. The pitch is simple: The Dead and Phish – nothing more need be said. The band is planning out Fall now, and we are booking private and public shows alike. This is a great private events band for fans who don’t want middle of the road covers and tributes, and would rather have their favorite music for their special day. We already have plans for Colorado, South Carolina, and would like to visit the northeast, southeast, and beyond. The band is stellar.

The Skatalites are the most legendary band in both ska and reggae music, and we are planning tours for them in every corner of the country. We are seeking options to route to TN (WV, NC, VA, KY, TN) for AUG 29-31 en route to the Muddy Roots festival. November will be California, and we are seeking New Year’s options for them, too.

Thunder and Rain from Golden, CO have plenty of avails for Colorado this summer in between tours to OH, IN, IL, MN, SD, AZ, NM, and ID. Routing for nearly anywhere in the country is available right now!

Start Making Sense have just a few dates left in 2019, so if you want ’em, come and get it.


The Alchemystics are the greatest survivors I have met in the music industry. Overcoming diversity and tragedy, they continue to bring together reggae, rock, hip hop, and soul in a way that is distinctly their own. A new album is in the works, and the band’s sound and spirit are forever alchemizing.

Max Creek are having a great year with the return of Camp Creek, inclusion in moe.down, and a brand new live album. We are seeking options for July 19, August 16, and will be planning out the Fall soon. It’s not too late to sign them to your festival in the northeast.

Black Masala have a slew of concert series and festival dates through early July, and then will be taking a break until September when they will be back and raring to go.

Swift Technique are in the midst of recording their new album and are adding more special guests, singers, emcees, and djs to the mix. They are morphing
into a real collective consciousness, an embodiment of the modern Philly sound.

EHDSErin Harpe and the Delta Swingers continue their mission to bring Delta Blues to the masses. Seeking July 24 and 25 in the Midwest (WI, IA, NE, northern IL, northern IN), and in the East throughout 2019. They have a new trio called the Messers, which is more of a country blues sound and is great for those seeking to get back to the roots of this music.

Fareed Haque is an absolute world music guitar master. He is heading out right now on tour with Flat Earth, and we are booking dates
in the upper Midwest this summer. Seeking June 28 in northern IL and IN, and then we’re looking for other dates in the upper Midwest
all summer. SEP and OCT have him going out again as the lead guitar player for Billy Cobham, but we will be returning to booking for November and December when we hope to have shows in the East. Educational programs are an easy supplement to concerts with programs for high school and colleges in place.

Bob Marley tribute, Duppy Conquerors, are playing more than ever with concert series, clubs, casinos, and festivals all on the books. We are ready to discuss New England dates with anyone who is ready for the best night of Bob Marley music available.