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At Simon Says Booking, we offer musicians, venues and festivals from all over the country the convenience and efficiencies of a full-service Publicity and Marketing Department. Working with Simon Says Publicity, our clients get the peace of mind that their marketing and promotion is being done in a professional, comprehensive and effective manner. We take the work out of marketing your music while getting your name out there in a clear and consistent way.

Our Publicity Department is based on three main capabilities- strategic, operational and personal. With 20+ years of experience in music booking and promotion, our Publicity and Marketing Department is equipped with the expertise to craft a promotional strategy that will generate maximum results. Our well-honed systems ensure that the work of promotion is done in a professional and efficient manner. On top of that, we leverage our personal networks and vast base of research to build you a comprehensive promotional strategy that is made even more effective because of our personal touch.

Available Publicity and Marketing Services

Gig and Album Publicity and Promotion:


  • Press Release Creation: We craft effective press releases to highlight your music and promotional efforts.
  • Targeted Promotion: We strategically target local and national media outlets, both print and online, to present your press to the most applicable news sources.
  • Proactive Networking and Marketing Follow-up: Sometimes the largest part of the work is in the follow-up; we ensure that no stone is left unturned and all your promotional efforts are well supported.
  • Online Promotion: We amplify your online promotional efforts via social media and more, leveraging our personal networks.
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Nuts and Bolts Marketing Implementation


  • Social Media Marketing: All the work without the hassle! We do the day-to-day tasks of marketing your band for you, so you can focus on your music.
  • Email Marketing: We will create a branded newsletter and localized gig alerts for your band and send them on a regular basis, per your marketing calendar.
  • Gig Promotion: We can help with tour listings, poster distribution, street team coordination and more, ensuring that news of your next gig is reaching the right fans at the right time.
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Band Branding:


  • Band Branding: If it's not immediately obvious what makes your band unique and special, you're missing the boat! We work with you to brand all aspects of your marketing, putting together a cohesive strategy to unify your look, feel and copy in a way that makes you stand out from the crowd.
  • Band Bios: We will create a branded band bio and associated copy that effectively conveys your band brand.
  • Target Fanbase Analysis: We evaluate what your fans are looking for in their music, and how you can capitalize on their passion to develop Super Fans.
  • Practical Implementation: We give you specific guidance for where and how to use your new Band Brand.
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Marketing Plans:


  • Individualized Plans: We build personalized, comprehensive, and actionable Marketing Plans that systematize your promotional efforts, enabling you to more easily and effectively achieve your music career goals.
  • Comprehensive Strategies: Your marketing plan will include recommendations for your email marketing, social media marketing, online marketing, street team marketing, video/streaming strategies and much more!
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Music Marketing Consultation:


  • Personalized Consultation: We offer one-on-one consultations with our experienced music marketing professionals to discuss how to maximize your music career's trajectory.
  • Breadth of Expertise: We provide consulting sessions on a wide range of subjects in order to address your individual needs. Topics can range from band branding strategies to specific social media marketing questions, from website analysis to publicity strategies, and everything in between.


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What People are Saying

"With the help from Simon Says publicity, we now have the know-how to take our business to the next level or professionalism. They took what we had established on our own as a brand and helped us to organize ourselves in a way that will help for years to come. Together we created a marketing plan that has helped us reach multiple fan bases, and will help us solidify our name in the music industry. We loved working with them, and we look forward to using them for more publicity campaigns in the future!" – Brett Noel, Dr Slothclaw

Current and Past Publicity Clients

The Alchemystics
The American Roots Music Festival
Bella's Bartok
The Chameleon Project
The Charlie Wheeler Band
Church of Universal Love and Music
Colin Axxxwell
Consider the Source
Craw Daddies
Dr. Slothclaw
Equal Eyes
Erin Harpe & the Delta Swingers
The Essentials
Fareed Haque
Flowmotion Meltdown Festival
Fresh Hops
Fusion Blue
Gamelan X
Garaj Mahal
Girls Guns and Glory
The Jauntee
Jeff Crosby and the Refugees
Joe Marcinek
Jo Henley
Producer John Hruby
John Kadlecik
Jungle Jam Festival
Katelyn Richards
Killian MacGeraghty
Klyph Black
The Last Waltz Live
Lisa Marie Ellingsen
Maimed By Strangers
Max Creek
Michael Glabicki (Rusted Root)
Mighty High Mtn Festival
Mikey Sweet
Mtn Jam Festivals (Hunter Mountain New York) 2005 2006
Natty Nation
Northeast press for the film "Screamers"
NY Harvest Festival
Pulse Prophets
Rebel Alliance
Rev Tor Band
The Root Cellar
Roots of Creation
Scarecrow Collection
The Skatalites
Slim Pocket
Space Agency
Start Making Sense
Strangecreek Campout
Strange Folks Garden of Eden Festival
The Stone Church
Thing One
Way Up South
Wormtown Music Festival