Taj Weekes and Adowa

St Lucia

Experience the Passion, Poetry, and Purity of Sound that

Appeals to Audiences Worldwide!

Taj Weekes is dreadlocked Rastafarian musician, bred in St. Lucia, but shaped by intercontinental life experience. An unwavering, energetic humanitarian, his dedication extends beyond his socially conscious lyrics into activism. He is a UNICEF Champion for Children and founder of his children’s charity, They Often Cry Outreach (TOCO). Aside from brains, heart, and a great smile, Weekes is a creative, poetic singer-songwriter who fronts a dynamic reggae band named Adowa, a disciplined team of talented musicians from differing cultures and with broad musical influences. The name salutes the battle of Adowa in 1896, which ensured sovereignty for Ethiopia and proved crucial in the advancement of African independence and pride. Adowa’s specific line-up alternates from time to time, but at a typical gig you might see a bassist from Dominica, a keyboardist with roots in Barbados, a St. Lucian on drums, a Trinidadian guitarist, and backup singers who infuse elements of jazz, R&B and soul. What’s consistent is that the eclectic styles and tastes of its members ensure a freshness and inventiveness to Adowa’s arrangements. The faces may change, but the excellent musicianship, and the vibe, remain.

Taj Weekes & Adowa have released five critically acclaimed albums of musically adventurous reggae – Love, Herb & Reggae (2016), Pariah in Transit (2014), A Waterlogged Soul Kitchen (2010), DEIDEM (2008), Hope & Doubt (2005) – all of which showcase Taj’s unblinking and sophisticated view of the world. This balance between seeing what is and seeking what should be clearly powers his social activism. It also imbues his songs with a pragmatic, non-judgmental optimism that is not merely unusual in reggae, but almost unique. So what makes Taj Weekes special can be summarized in three words: MUSICIAN. POET. HUMANITARIAN.

Sierra Nevada World Music Festival
St. Lucia Jazz Festival
Mount Helena Music Festival
Blissfest Folk & Roots Festival & Workshop
River City Roots Music Festival
Houston International Festival
Festival International de Louisiane
Taos Solarfest
Lotus World Music Festival
Roots ‘N Blues ‘N BBQ
FestivalThe Kalamazoo Island Festival
Midwest Reggae Festival

Ketch ‘Em Alive, ID
Alive After the Grind, ID
Commons Beach Music Series, CA
W Yellowstone Concert Series, MT

MN State U, MN
Endicott College, MA
College of Lib Arts, MA

Musikfest, PA
Taos Solarfest, AZ
World One Festival, CA
Houston Int’l Festival, TX
Midwest Reggae Festival, OH
Sugarloaf Reggae Festival, ME
Int’l Bay Festival, WI

Upcoming Shows

  • 09/14/18 Albany, NY at The Linda WAMC’s Performig Arts Studio
  • 09/15/18 Southbridge, MA at Starlight Lounge
  • 09/16/18 New Haven, CT at East Rock concert series

Workshops & Lectures

Taj Weekes is available to present workshops and lectures on a variety of topics that encompasses music and social responsibility. He relates his personal experience, inspirations and aspirations as he discusses the theme of how music plays a role in global acceptance, tolerance and social responsibility. As a musician and songwriter, he delves into the subjects that compel him to pick up his pen and continue in the tradition of storyteller/town crier that is at the root of reggae music. Weekes shares his philosophy on what individual responsibility means in regards to caring for our earth and caring for each other as well as how that translates into everyday actions for all of us. Weekes’ life’s work and artistic expression is an example of how we can all make a difference in our communities and in the world by controlling our own consumption and sharing our surplus of time, energy, and resources, no matter how great or small.


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