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Stars Stripes and Strings on Mission to Donate
Guitars to Vet Centers, Focus on Music Therapy

With a goal in mind of healing vets through music, Stars, Stripes, and Strings, Inc. wants to donate two acoustic guitars to every Vets Center in America. Based in Brattleboro, Vermont, Richard Meijer founded SS&S in 2016 after playing his acoustic guitar at the Vets Center in White River Junction, VT.
Stars, Stripes, and Strings, a registered 503c, is on a mission to put brand new musical instruments into every Vet Center in the United States; bringing veterans, families, and communities together through music. As Mr. Meijer puts it, “I found a way to say thank you without words. I asked the question ‘What if veterans could heal themselves through music, and what if it was as simple as two acoustic guitars into Vet Centers?'” Since its inception, SS&S has donated eight acoustic guitars to four Vet Centers in Vermont and New Hampshire, thanks to two successful GoFundMe campaigns, many generous donors, and a $1,000 “Go Beyond Giving” award from GoFundMe.
Mr. Meijer notes that there is also thanks given to Brothers Band Together, his music collective formed to perform and fundraise for SS&S. Lessons and music therapy were now taking place at all four Vet Centers with local musicians and therapists from the community donating their time.

Stars, Stripes and Strings’ mission statement is “We believe Veterans deserve dignity, respect, and connection. Stars, Stripes and Strings is on a mission to donate brand new acoustic guitars to every Vet Center into the United States, creating communities so Veterans can heal themselves and others through music.”

SS&S’s current campaign is a Crowdrise Holiday Challenge that started on this year’s #GivingTuesday to purchase 600 guitars for the remaining 300 Vet Centers nationwide and ending January 2nd, 2019. You can contribute here.

In the summertime, SS&S will sponsor the Combat Vets Motorcycle Association 2019 Regional Rally in Newport, VT.

To stay tuned to all of SS&S fundraising efforts and sponsorhips, please find them on Facebook at their official
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