Rebel Alliance

"You are a member of the Rebel Alliance"
Darth Vader

Rock, Reggae, and revolution, These are the things that Rebel Alliance, The Berkshires reggae-influenced band, preach to the masses! Combining the best of rock, reggae, improvisational jam and a whole host of other musical genres, Rebel Alliance is sure to surprise and please wherever you see them.

Rebel Alliance is on a path that not many can match. In just a short time they have become a cohesive unit with one common vision; to change the musical scene, and bring the music, and their vision to the world. With hearts full of the message, and rooms full of the sound, any Rebel Alliance show is sure to move you. Catch them live, you'll be glad you did.

Appeared at

Alchemy, RI
Black Eyed Sally’s, CT
The Cannery, MA
Daryl’s House, NY
Fury’s Publick House, NH
Gateway City Live, MA
Green Door Pub, VT
Grizzly’s, VT
Harlow’s, NH
Meeting of the Minds, PA
Mister Gugs Tavern, NY
Ocean Mist, RI
Old 78 Farm Fall Festival, MA
Red Square, VT
Rustic Barn and Pub, NY
Snow Barn at Mt Snow, VT
Spotlight Tavern, MA
Strangecreek Music Festival, MA
Stratton Mountain, VT
Surfside Salisbury Beach, MA
The Waterhole, NY
Wormtown Music Festival, MA
Ziontific Summer Solstice Music Festival, VT