Lawn Boys

New York

The Lawn Boys are a group of musicians dedicated to spreading the joy and music of Phish. They bring the intricate music and experimentally heady jams of Vermont's favorite jam band, Phish, while mixing in their own quirkiness. They are Phish fans that understand the audience’s critical expectation of fresh ideas and spontaneity at every performance. Whether it is a recreation of Phish’s performance or their own skew of Phish through their lenses, the Lawn Boys provide a unique and tailored perspective on Phish.

Darren Rodney
Darren started Lawn Boys with Mega after a brief stint of fighting crime together. The duo joined forces with other three Phans and the rage continues. His knowledge of Simpsons quotes is terrifying.

David Kaufman
David was in reality sent from the future, but now he’s stuck and must kill time. He enjoys loud deep noises or old people voices, I forget which one.

Andrew Mega
Mega enjoys his beers hoppy and his Phish jammy. Rocking out and laying the beat as well as the voice of Fish, he obviously has no problem filling in the donut dress, tho he’s usually never nude under it.

Rich Taliani
Rich makes the magic happen. No really, he’s like some sort of frickin’ wizard. He denies it but once I saw him fight a Balrog… the point is–If you’re an Orc, don’t mess with him.

Miguel Lantigua
After a life of adventure and hedonism accomplished jewel thief Gustave LaFontaigne settled in NY where he retired to a quiet, enriching life. Miguel walked his dog once, later that day he joined The Lawn Boys.