Jay’s Happy Sunshine Burger Joint

San Francisco, New York, New Jersey

Bob Weir says our music is "...more fun than a barrel full of monkeys."

JHSBJ plays original music and some covers of GD songs with a unique twist performing music from the debut album, Live from the Core, recorded live at TRI studios in 2013.

JHSBJ was founded in 2012, continuing Jay's vision of "Grateful Dead" hip hop. The debut performance was in April of 2012 at The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. Facing the challenges of Jays touring schedule with Primus in 2013 and Ratdog in 2014, as well as writing new material, live performances have been scarce.

JHSBJ performed at a series of after shows during Furthur's 2 week run at the capitol theater. Fans anticipated and were rewarded with guest appearances by Aaron Maxwell (God Street Wine), John Kadlecik, and Bob Weir.

Now in 2015, with the second album, Burger Bud, to be released in April 2015 the band is ready to tour.

Fans can expect the unique remixes known as "deadbeatz," the genre destroying mix of Grateful Dead and Rap, original songs with a pop/reggae/latin vibe and some old favorites with a new feel.

The Band

Jay Lane - Drums, Music Director

Jay plays in Primus, Ratdog, and many other Bob Weir projects. He plays drums like no other person on the planet. If you've heard him play with Ratdog, its almost hard to believe it's the same cat who plays in Primus. Its the mark of a truly great musician to play what's right for the gig. In JHSBJ, Jay gets to use his whole bag of tricks. Having the drummer as Music Director creates a tightness in the band thats really groovy and danceable.

Happy Sanchez - Vocals, Percussion, Bass
Happy Sanchez, along with his partner and Santana percussionist Karl Perazzo, have been writing and recording music for film and television. Their credits include Dexter, Sopranos, Desperate Housewives, and Devil Wears Prada. They bring a really different style to us than most "jam bands." Haps' groovy latin style is a completely different "San Francisco" sound than some might associate with the term, but it is the more authentic.

Sunshine Garcia Becker - Vocals, Flute
Sunshine sang in Furthur (from 2009 until 2014), The Sunshine Garcia Band, and acappella group SoVoSO. She brings an incredible set of vocal chops and some awesome flute work to the table. Having a singer who has a true love for and knows the GD songs and is comfortable with straight readings or completely deconstructing them, adds yet another layer to the massive burger. Being a vocalist with Furthur has really brought her into the public eye and ear.

Chris "CB" Burger - Vocals, Spoken Word
CB performs and records with Bernie Worrel and Steve Kimock. His work with the Mo'Fessionals, Alphabet Soup, and Band of Brotherz is really why we exist. His lyrics can be provoking, thoughtful, and controversial. Chris has really opened up his singing with the Joint.

Perry "duBWhite" Winston - Guitar, Vocals, Dubmixing
Perry has mixed for Bob Marleys' Wailers, Jennifer Lopez, Shabba Ranks, Erykah Badu, and is know in the industry as an audio and instrument guru. His guitar playing immediately invokes the spirit of Jerry Garcia, but with a large injection of reggae and funk. Perry brings duB mixing onstage with the Joint. Perry likes combining the "space" vibe provided to the GD by Dan Healy and Jamaican style duB mixing he learned in Kingston.

Paul Kates - Keyboards, Vocals
Paul is an award winning composer of childrens musicals and is Music Director of Reflections, a popular NYC Jerry Garcia themed cover band and is the smartest member of JHSBJ. Make no mistake though, his chops and musical knowledge are a force to be reckoned with. Carrying the entire Grateful Dead song catalogue in his head is just one facet of his complex and diverse music persona.

Greg Koener aka "Gent Treadly" - Bass
Greg is the newest member. Know for his virtuoso skill on the 5 string, Greg has played with Vince Welnik, DSO, T.C., Charles Neville and Garth Hudson.

Steve Leisman - Guitar, Vocals
Steve is best known for his day job on CNBC as Cheif Econimist. Steve is an accomplished guitar player who is known for leading The Stella Blues Band, one of NYCs top GD cover acts.

Paul Pesco - Guitar, Vocals
Paul has played with Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Steve Winwood, Joan Baez, Annie Lennox, and Hall and Oates.

Norbert Satchel - Saxophones, Flute.
Norbert has toured with Tower of Power, Diana Ross, and Rodger Waters of Pink Floyd.