Jamie Gardner

Jamie Gardner has played music all over the East Coast off and on for over thirty years, performing both solo and band shows at colleges, high schools, festivals, fairs, night clubs, and resorts. His Neil Young show is an acoustic and artistic expression of Neil’s best, featuring all the hits like Heart of Gold, Old Man, Like A Hurricane, Human Highway, Ohio, After the Gold Rush, Sugar Mountain, Helpless, Rockin in the Free World, Long May You Run, etc. He also plays some great selections of eclectic songs buried in Neil’s awesome catalog of amazing songwriting like Birds, Tell Me Why, Needle and the Damage Done, and other hidden songs you will love.

Jamie is a great storyteller and always has some interesting stories of Neil’s to share. He plays six and twelve string guitars, the piano, and of course, Neil’s famed harp.

Jamie has always been asked to play Neil’s songs from the first time he sang. His friends said, “You sound just like Neil Young.”

Says Jamie, “I remember going to open mics, and if I came back a second time, they would always start calling me Neil as I was walking in. I had a guy watch me with bug eyes one night, and when I finished the song, he yelled, ‘Are you Neil Young’s “f-” Brother?’

“I always loved Neil’s Songs and would not do a tribute of any other artist, but I not only sound like him, but I love and feel his songwriting as well.”

The Press

“The show was just amazing – everyone loved it!” Maryanne, Courthouse Center for the Arts

“Jamie’s Neil Young show amazed fans at our Radio promotion event. Not only did we here comments like ” I’ve never heard anyone do Neil Young like that. And He sounds just like Neil Young, but he actually made fans of the radio staff who some have since been attending his shows. And the stations have been playing tons of Neil since Jamie played his Neil Young show here. One of the stations played the whole harvest record the other night!” Dan O’brien, WNLC Radio

“Jamie’s Neil Young show is the closest thing you will ever hear to Neil unless you see Neil himself, what a great night of some of the best acoustic music ever written!” Artie Kornfeld, co-creator and promoter of Woodstock 69 and the promoter of Neil Young’s comeback “Freedom” record!