Fareed Haque’s Flat Earth Ensemble

A new album will be released in early 2020 on Delmark records and features Billy Cobham and Paul Wertico on drums as well as the great Hindustani singer Hitesh Master and others. This album will continue Fareed Haque’s mission of bringing his groovin, world indo jazz fusion to discerning listeners.

Fareed Haque’s Flat Earth Ensemble is a group that realizes the musical vision Haque has had for decades. During his years at Blue Note records, touring nationally with jam greats Garaj Mahal, or in his many projects with Sting, Paquito Rivera, Joe Zawinul or Zakir Hussein, Haque has long sought to record the new sounds that were as much a part of him as his DNA.

The musical mission of Flat Earth Ensemble is to incorporate the charismatic dance and folk music of his Punjabi roots in India and Pakistan with the traditions of American jazz and funk. Utilizing the finest players from opposite sides of the world, Flat Earth Ensemble molds the sounds of different worlds into a dynamic, contemporary sound. The result is music that reverberates from the tubes of guitar amplifiers to the streets of Mumbai.