Beau Sasser’s Escape Plan

If the fabled Dr. Funkenstein set out to make a two-headed, ivory tickling, guitar ripping, gut busting, crowd slaying monster and a catastrophic disaster in the lab went perfectly wrong, Beau Sasser’s Escape Plan would be the byproduct. Beau has assembled dueling guitarists, Danny Mayer (Alan Evans’ Playonbrother, On The Spot Trio) and Justin Henricks (Groovestick), Bill Carbone on drums (Max Creek, Z3), as well as the lovely vocalist, Mary Corso, to craft a perfect brew of organ driven, hard-hittin’, boogaloo rooted power funk with a rock ’n’ roll spirit. This Northampton, MA based 5-piece funk machine is a happy accident that has come out of the lab with a mission and won’t be stopped anytime soon.

Festival Appearances

Rock n Roll Resort (NY)
Strange Creek Music Festival (MA)
Disc Jam Festival (NY)
Buffalove Festival (NY)
Soupstock Festival (CT)
Camp Creek Festival (NY)
Gratitude Festival (RI)
Catskill Chill Festival (NY)
Shuck n Jive Festival (CT)