Brett Wilson

New Hampshire

Fans from all over the US have gotten to know Brett Wilson as the front man for New England Music Award winning band Roots of Creation. In between playing festivals, clubs and colleges with that band, Wilson is hitting the scene himself doing solo acoustic appearances. He recently did a three night run opening for CaliReggae superstars Slightly Stoopid. The next night he performed alongside Mishka. His ability to connect with his audience via reggae tinged songs soulfully delivered is clear.

What the Press is Saying About Brett Wilson

"With his white-soul croon and confident machismo, Brett Wilson bears some similarities to deceased Sublime chief, Bradley Nowell." - Casey Rea, 7 days, Burlington VT

"With 'Another Song of Freedom,' Brett shows off the ability to rap atop rock music, much like G. Love and Special Sauce."
-Richie Victorino-The Hippo Press

"The music is mastery, poetry set to music, lyrics filled with fire, quick changes, and variety rarely heard in Reggae. Did I mention the Hip-hop, Punk, and Soul influences?"
- Billy Jones,

"Wilson focuses a lot of energy on creating socially conscious and spiritually meaningful lyrics, a message Wilson believes is devoid of today's MTV culture."
-Seth Hoy-Hippo Press

"Wilson was raised in a home that followed Eastern culture and the "we are all one people" belief. He grew up listening to punk rock, and still listens to it."

"I like punk rock, the whole rebelling against the system" Wilson said. "But in a positive way. All people are one people."
-Richie Voictorino-The Hippo Press

"...Wilson's rapid-fire lyrical style and dancehall delivery informed stylistic versatility while still retaining an overall focus, making for a pleasing listening experience from end to end."
- Dave Brewer, High Country News, Boone, NC

"A strong message of peace, love, the lives of the working class, and social justice issues that probably won't win them any points with the Bushs, Clearchannels, Sonys, and Rupert Murdochs of the world but need to be said anyway."
- Billy Jones,

Recent Great Shows

Three nights opening solo acoustic for Slightly Stoopid.

Great Boston show with Mishka!

Perfect as a solo acoustic opener for theater or festival shows.