Band from Mars

What was supposed to be one show to honor David Bowie shortly after his passing has turned into an actual tribute to the musical icon. Band from Mars is comprised of 6 musicians with a solid and varied history. Having worked with or been a part of Start Making Sense, HmfO, Great White Caps, Insidious Rays, Trouble City All Stars, Doug Hawk Proposition, Johnny Mathis, The Temptations, The Four Tops, and Natalie Cole, this eclectic group of musicians have come together to pay tribute to all eras of David Bowie's career. Beginning with a complete performance of "The Rise and Fall or Ziggy Stardust," they have extended the set list to include hits from every decade and even some lesser known songs from "Low" and his final album "Blackstar."

The Band

Matt Juknevic - vocals, guitar
Chris McDermott - guitar
Doug Hawk - keyboards, percussion, vocals
Tony Gairo -saxophones, vocals
Jesse Braun - bass
Jon Braun - drums, vocals


Levitt Pavilion
Sellersville Theater
The Funhouse
The Ardmore
Brooklyn Bowl