Kara Kharmah

Kara Kharmah

Combining a love of music, people and marketing, music marketing guru Kara Kharmah brings something unique to DIY music promotion. Kara wears many hats at Simon Says; she heads the Publicity and Music Marketing Department, the Venue Programming Department and manage bands, currently working with the up and coming vaudevillian folk punk powerhouse Bella's Bartok. Her passion is helping talented artists get to the level they deserve by exposing them to the music marketing world through more effective strategies and techniques. Having been a business owner, a consultant, a dance instructor, and more, after receiving her MBA in Marketing at the Isenberg School of Management she was a small business marketing consultant for a few years. When she realized that she could transfer that expertise into helping musicians move their careers forward, she found Phil and the Simon Says crew, and her vision continues to be actualizing every day.

Kara's unique specialties are band branding and innovative music marketing plans. Recognizing a real need for bands to more effectively get across what makes them special to fans and talent buyers alike, she developed the Band Brand Guide specifically for Simon Says. Her mission is to help bands achieve their goals, whatever they may be, by showing them how to stand out from the crowd.

In addition to her work at Simon Says, Kara also hosts the podcast "Engage Your Fanbase" and writes the blog of the same name, with the goal of demystifying music marketing for every musician, no matter their level. The podcast boasts a real boots on the ground perspective for music marketing, featuring industry professionals and musicians whose day to day strategic marketing has proven results. You can hear the podcast on iTunes or via the website www.engageyourfanbase.com.

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