Cincinnati, OH

A mutation of hyper trans-dimensional origin has arrived. The Lord of the Low End, Freekbass.
Utilizing his primordial subsonic technologies to enlighten the masses to dynamic principles of
freek-harmonic-synergy, thus, uniting our secular global communities with the indomitable Spirit of Love,
Faith, Hope & Funk ... his prime directive. The One is Not an Option.

The new Freekbass album, CINCINNATI, is a culmination of all projects Freekbass has worked on in the last few years. The album was released on Ropeadope at the end of 2015. From the funk of his own touring band, The Bump Assembly, to the electrofunk of side project, Headtronics with DJ Logic, Steve Molitz and keyboard genius Bernie Worrell, to the funk schooling from friend and mentor funk legend Bootsy Collins (another Cincinnati citizen), Freekbass once again teamed up with Producer Duane Lundy who produced his last album, "Everybody's Feelin' Real."

Living in Cincinnati exposed Freekbass to genres of music he may have missed otherwise. While most kids were listening to Nirvana and Green Day, he connected with the bottom-heavy sounds coming out of the boom boxes like Zapp and Midnight Star. While working in a music shop to pay off his first electric bass he had in lay-away, he began to study the classics of Larry Graham, Sly Stone, Stevie Wonder, Parliament, and Bootsy, with a bass in one hand and an MPC2000 in the other.

Going into 2015, Freek had a lot of things on the table. He released his album, "Everybody's Feelin' Real," produced by Duane Lundy (Joe Pug, Dawn Landes, Sunday Valley/Sturgill Simpson) and included P-Funk/Rubberband keyboardist Razor Sharp Johnson, horn man Skerik, and Trey Anastasio Band vocalist/trumpet, Jennifer Hartswick. He was also a part of that year's London Bass Guitar Show in the UK, giving a master class and performing, plus extensive touring with his mainstay funk group, "Freekbass & The Bump Assembly," which also includes Big Bamn on drums and Jason Burgard on saxophones and horns.

Freekbass says, "with the last album, producer Duane and I were just starting to know each other. On this album we have since worked on many projects together and thus have a strong feel and vision where we want the music to go. Plus, I had taken some time off from touring with my own band before starting the last album. With this one, we have been hitting it pretty hard on the road as a band, so we were used to playing together. Plus, we spent a lot of time on writing songs and pre-production before we even got in the studio. With all of the touring leading up to the recording, I feel more confident as a player, singer, and songwriter than I have in a long time."

The title of the album comes from Freek growing up in the rich musical sounds of Cincinnati, OH - Home to label, King Records, where James Brown recorded many of his hit records, and ranging from artists from the Afghan Whigs to Midnight Star. "I'm asked a lot in interviews outside of Cincinnati if I would be playing music if I grew up somewhere else. I am sure I would, but not sure it would be funk. Cincinnati and Ohio have such a strong funk tradition, you heard and felt it no matter what part of the city you grew up in. Since we are not NYC or Los Angeles, I think the funk here had to yell a little louder, which is where the Ohio and Cincinnati funk sound came from. Cincinnati is a major part of why I sound like I do and the reason I am inspired to play music, which is why it was an easy choice when it came to naming the album."

Freekbass was faced by tragedy last month when his drummer and best friend succumbed to a fatal car accident. He is now picking up the pieces and is reforming his band 'Freekbass & The Bump Assembly' for his upcoming 2016 club and festival dates. "Bamn always expected me to raise the level of playing in the band as high as I could. After meditating on that and having long talks with both Bootsy and producer Duane Lundy I knew it was time to take the next step to the next level of the Funk." Starting with Freek's next show the group will now consist of Freekbass on bass and vocals, keyboard and funk legend Razor Sharp Johnson from Bootsy Collins' Rubberband, and Rico Lewis on drums from George Clinton & Parliament-Funkadelic. This Funk-ultra-power Trio is the next logical step in the continuing journey of Freekbass. Book now and get ready for a new flight from docking from The Mothership!


"You guys did amazing everyone was talking about your show. ... you guys were super professional. We would love to have you again. Look out for some pictures and share them if you could that would be amazing. If you guys would like to book some west coast shows next time please let me know and I can line you up with a couple of the venues around the coastal Norcal area. I would love to help promote them. Your like a celebrity kinda at this point! Congrats!" ~ Very cool email from Serg/Trinity Festival, CA

Dayton City Paper by Tim Anderl Cincinnati-born funk bassist Freekbass, aka Chris Sherman, is a visionary musician who bridges the gap between classic funk styles and future grooves with his organic, forward-thinking soundscapes. - See more at: This Is Why Freekbass Is a Bass and Epic Life Magician interview by Taraleigh Weathers With organic, bass-centric sounds mixing with forward-looking soundscapes, Everbody's Feelin' Real finds Freekbass bridging the gap between classic funk and the future of the groove.

Tie Your Shoes Reviews Freekbass brought his travelling circus to the Dunedin Brewery last night. This was a tough decision, because four of my other favorite bands were playing around the area the same night. But I’ve been seeing Freekbass ever since Bear Creek 2009, I think. He is a disciple of Bootsy Collins, but [WARNING: HERETICAL REMARK AHEAD] I think he has moved beyond the teacher.

Scene: Band of the Week Freekbass started off as a drummer when he was a kid and then moved to guitar. When he saw the bassist in the Oberlin College jazz band perform, he knew he had found his instrument of choice.

NewTimes Blogs Virtuoso is a word that should be used rarely. But when discussing someone that oozes talent and skill like Cincinnati's Freekbass (born Chris Sherman), we feel comfortable applying the noun. Weaned on the fertile funk scene of Southern Ohio that brought us Bootsy Collins, Ohio Players and James Brown’s King Records, bassist Freekbass possesses all the low-end goods but chooses not to repeat the rhythms of the past. Freekbass has been reinventing funk music for years, cultivating his own sound after having been birthed in Southern Ohio’s already rich funk scene. If you haven’t heard his sound yet, don’t make the mistake of assuming that he’ll turn out to be just another George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic. The inimitable Freekbass visits the Relix boiler room for a performance with his animated trio.

Erie Reader Docksider Gets Freeky with Funk

The 2014 has been a busy, exciting year for Chris "Freekbass" Sherman. There's been a new record and steady, sometimes inter-continental touring for the Cincinnati-based, genre-defying funk bass master. ~ Nick Harrah

Performer Magazine Southgate Show review (p.9) Cincinnati music veteran and funk legend Freekbass (aka Chris Sherman) launched hi snewest CD, Everybody's Feelin' Real, at The Southgate House Revival on Friday, June 13th.

Freekbass Keeps It Real with Latest Effort Known for his signature funky style, Cincinnati-based bass legend Freekbass (Chris Sherman) has been keeping busy with the recent release of his latest, Kickstarter-funded album project, Everybody’s Feelin’ Real. ~ Ginny McCabe Freekbass Unleashes Retro-Modern Funktronica Grooves with New CD, "Everybody's Feelin' Real"

Freekbass Releases "Everybody's Feelin' Real" CD & New Video With organic, bass-centric sounds mixing with forward-looking soundscapes, Everbody's Feelin' Real finds Freekbass bridging the gap between classic funk and the future of the groove.

Upcoming Shows

  • 03/25/17 Thomas, WV at Purple Fiddle
  • 04/14/17 Benton Harbor, MI at The Livery
  • 04/15/17 Dayton, OH at The Trolley Stop
  • 04/15/17 Dayton, OH at Omega Music Record Store
  • 04/20/17 Evansville, IN at Lamasco Bar and Grill
  • 04/21/17 Terre Haute, IN at The Verve
  • 04/29/17 Ocoee, TN at Maypop Music and Arts Festival
  • 05/12/17 Traverse City, MI at Union Street Station

NewTimes Blogs A Drummer Who Plays Notes ~ David Rolland

Tie Your Shoes Reviews: Freekbass & the Bump Assembly at Dunedin Brewery I arrived at the Dunedin Brewery (what a wonderful, intimate venue that is) with FB and the boys in the midst of a funk throwdown with the refrain “Ain’t No Party like a Dunedin Brewery Party ‘cause a Dunedin Brewery Party don’t stop!” Everybody was singing! Freekbass: Everybody's Feelin' Real Weaned on the fertile funk scene of Southern Ohio that brought us Bootsy Collins, Ohio Players and James Brown’s King Records, bassist Freekbass possesses all the low-end goods but chooses not to repeat the rhythms of the past... ~ John Patrick Gatta Sitting Down with Freekbass Born and raised in Cincinnati, OH, Freekbass has been creating music since a young child. Specifically, the musician fell in love with the bass at a young age, after the Oberlin College of Jazz performed for his school when he was in the 6th grade...


* Master class and performed at the London Bass Guitar Show March 2014

* National Release of brand new studio album Junkyard Waltz in 2008

* National Release of brand new live album Grooveyard in 2008

* National Release of Live DVD in 2007 of Sliver to Shiver performance video recorded in Cincinnati with special guest appearances by Bootsy Collins, Buckethead, and local djs and rappers

* Rockhouse Method released a pair of instructional DVDs, putting Freekbass in the company of Doug Wimbush from Living Color, Dave Ellison from Megadeath, and Leo Nocentelli from the Meters. Their press release

* Recent interview with the Home Grown Music Network

* Recording of a single for the Cincinnati Reds for their fan compilation album as well as appearances at games and fan events. Freekbass performed at two fan appreciate events, Redsfest and in 07 was the grand marshal of the opening

* Appearance in the Cincinnati Bengals fan video two years running, and press and radio all over the world

* Release of a Freekbass signature Bass Amp head by Kustom Amplifiers

* Inclusion on the D'Addario bass strings compilation which was distributed to 40,000 customers and feature Freekbass alongside Michael Manring, Steven Baily, and Oteil Burbridge

* Recent major appearances include headlining the Detroit Bass Day Festival, inclusion in the NAMM music conference and the Bass Player Music Conference in NYC

* The latest video

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Moogfest (NC)
Muddy River Jam Festival (PA)
Hookahville (OH)
Musikfest (PA)
River Fest (AR)
Tabfest (OH)
Riverbend (TN)
Aurorafest (MT)
KnoXTasy (TN)
Taste of Cincinnati (OH)
The Gathering (NY)
Bele Chere Festival (NC)
Marketfest (CA)
Alive After Five (ID)
Hookah in the Hills (OH)
Dogstock (KS)
Riverbend (TN)
SONO Arts Festival (CT)
Church of Univ Love & Music (PA)
Nelson Ledges Quarry Park (OH)
Camp Zoe / Schwagstock (MO)

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Green Mountain College (VT)
Louisville (KY)
College of NJ
St Lawrence University (NY)
Alderson-Broaddus College (WY)

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"You guys did amazing everyone was talking about your show. You guys were super professional. We would love to have you again...Your like a celebrity kinda at this point! Congrats!" - Serg/Trinity Festival, CA

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